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Triton is the second game I have developed professionally and is a  2-D survival horror set in space. Inspiration for this game was taken from various "metroidvania" titles such as Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It is far more advanced than my previous game and tasks players with extremely tough resource management and navigation through a diseased base on the moon.

The content and resources found throughout this game are 100% original. All of the music, characters, animations, items, and environments were created from scratch.

Some of the key features in Triton include:

  • A working elevator system

  • Multiple weapons with ammo types

  • An advanced HUD

  • Several enemies with unique animations

  • Stations that refill your various supplies

  • A maze-like structure for the map

  • A climactic boss fight.

Download the full game below:

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